Remove any clutter from the rooms and surfaces, and put away personal items such as family photos and collections, as well as religious and political items.

Please hide garbage cans, dirty floor mats and area rugs, paper towel rolls, stacks of mail and phone chargers, and remove pets (and children, if possible) and their toys. Open surfaces like countertops, night stands and showers will help the home look more spacious and inviting.


Thoroughly wipe windows, sweep and mop floors, and completely clear countertops of food and appliances, removing anything not there for decoration. Wipe down ceiling fans, shut toilet lids, and hide all toiletries and hygiene products.


Fix any visible damages or defects, such as holes in the walls, broken tiles, or leaking faucets. To protect you and your Realtor, the photographer will not "photoshop it out" if it may misrepresent the listing. The best fix is always to fix the issue before picture day!


Open all curtains to even heights to let in as much natural light as possible. Replace any burned out lightbulbs and consider changing lightbulbs to matching temperatures in all rooms and spaces. If bulbs are too cool or too warm, your photographer may need to turn them off for the best quality results.


First impressions are everything! The driveway should be cleared of cars and childrens' toys before your photographer's arrival.

Please cut grass, sweep leaves, and hide yard care equipment, and consider adding colorful flowers to add curb appeal. Please open patio umbrellas, uncover grills, and pick up any doggy "land mines".

Please ensure that any pool care, pressure cleaning, landscaping, or housekeeping scheduled at least a day ahead of your photoshoot.

Twilights— If it lights up, turn it on. Interior/exterior, fire pit, string lights, torches... Our window is extremely narrow to get the perfect shot at this time of day. Preparation is essential.

... and specifically for vacation rentals

    • If you want it in your photos, make sure it’s already visible and displayed.
    • Prepare your rental like you have guests arriving in 5 minutes. It’s SHOWTIME!
    • Detail shots show details… make sure all surfaces are clean and flawless!
    • Staging is a great idea but PLEASE have it ready prior to my arrival. The more prepared you are, the more photos I can give you!

Questions or concerns? Please text 727-643-7904

Your photo shoot will match my portfolio and the samples on my Instagram and Facebook. If you have a specific photo idea or angle in mind, please let me know before or during our shoot. Please note that there will be a $200 fee (excluding travel cost) for up to 10 extra photo